Hi There!

I’m Lara. The short story? I’m a success coach and provisional psychologist with only one thing on her mind. It has 3 letters.


I’m not like most life coaches who promise you the sun and the moon and a whole bucket of manifestation magic.

I’m a real woman, who has desires, dreams and a low threshold for scary movies. Like a lot of women, I know what it’s like to scroll through Instagram and curse the world for not giving you perfect abs or legs, or a really great breakfast smoothie.

I also know what it’s like to feel misguided as you power on full-throttle through this crazy world. To take on jobs that make you feel ‘eh’, and to hang out with the wrong crowd that makes you feel like crap.

As a success coach, it’s my mission to help women bust through their fears and their self-doubt so they can create a life that they are absolutely in love with.

A life of Inspiration and Happiness!

My story

I grew up in a Taekwondo Dobok – that’s those funny dressing gowns we wear – and for YEARS I was spin-kicking my way through adolescence. I LOVED Taekwondo. It was a passion that completely consumed me. But after many injuries I decided to give it up. I felt really lost for the first time in my life.

Who was I if not an athlete, the identity I’d had for so many years?

There was no one point in life where everything “clicked”, but bit-by-bit, I finally decided to stop searching externally for happiness. Day-by-day, I started to focus internally.

Lara Tess Inspired Happiness

How I work

Through studying psychology, counselling, mindfulness, business, myotherapy, and personal training: I can teach you how to:


  • Understand yourself and your gut instincts, and how our mind, body and spirit are connected. Ever felt like you’re out of touch with what you want? If you listen to your body, you’ll find it quite often knows what you need and want even before you do! There’s an inner guru in us all!


  • Use mindfulness and your own intuition to get yourself out of your mind funk and bring you back into your body. I know it works, because I’ve done it for myself and helped others just like you using these very methods. By using mindfulness and fine-tuning my inner compass, I learned to stop hating my body and started loving it with a good amount of chocolate and exercise.


  • Deal with your inner mean girl so you can stop sabotaging yourself everyday. You know that nagging voice inside your head that says you’re not ready/not smart enough/not pretty enough/not worthy? We’re going to kill her with kindness using the power of positive psychology. If persistent negative thoughts are sucking the happiness out of your day, I can teach you how to work through them so that you can focus on the good stuff. There is always a bright side.

Make a Switch

  • Switch behavioural patterns that are dragging you down into the doldrums for more effective and life-enhancing actions. We always have a choice in how we (re)act, but we often use childhood fears and socially-constructed characteristics as an excuse for ruling our emotions. That’s no way to live, and I can show you a better way. You’ll be calmer, more collected and clear-headed to deal with all the crap that life throws your way.


  • Manifest what you desire by transforming your thought patterns so that you can stop getting in your own way. Are you cranky, resentful and constantly butting heads with people? It’s all a matter of science, really. You attract what you transmit. It’s time to quit it with the catastrophising and get down with the good vibes. For good.

Be that Go-Getter!

  • Be that go-getter you’ve always wanted to be. Dreaming of that career move? Can’t stand your corporate life anymore? Got no idea what I’m talking about? Being paid to do what you love is not a fantasy…and I should know. Whether you’ve got big goals in mind already or need some more gentle career guidance, I can help you create a life where money, time and sanity are in constant abundance.

Fed up with the following?

  • It sucks! You’re pretty sure your boss hates you and think your co-workers might be robots. You crave freedom, spa days, brunch dates and meatier pay cheques.
  • Your relationships. You fight like mad with your partner…or you wish you had a partner to even talk to!
  • Your body. You know it’s not meant to be perfect, but you don’t know how to love yourself and get off Instagram.
  • Your finances. When you shop, the world just gets better! But then it gets dark again, and your bank balance just gets smaller and scarier to look at.

If you’re reading this…

I get where you are right now.

You’re not in the throes of despair…

but you’re not convinced that you have it all just yet.

That empty, niggling feeling?

That’s your gut telling you to do something about it.

We’ve all been there…but we don’t all have to stay there.

No one ever sentenced you to a life of mediocrity.

Transformative times ahead

Find out how we can work together.