Master Your Money Mindset


I have been speaking to many women lately who are struggling to charge for their services.

They know that what they offer is of amazing value, yet they tell themselves that “it is not about the money” because their passion is to “serve”.

When we dig a little deeper, limiting beliefs around money surface. Beliefs adopted from parents, peers, society. Beliefs that do not “serve” anyone. Not them, nor their clients.

Can you relate? Well so can I.

I used to charge peanuts for my coaching and my workshops and at the beginning, even gave it away for free. As long as I was helping people by doing what I loved to do, then I was happy. “It wasn’t about the money”.

But what I did not realise, was that I was doing my clients a “dis-service”. I was robbing them of a deeper level of transformation and success.

I have learnt that when someone chooses to invest in themselves, with time and money, they are then invested in their transformation. And the more they invest, the more they are invested. Without question.

It is no accident that I have been meeting all these women of late, and when the Universe talks to me, I listen.

So the “Master Your Money Mindset” intensive session is here.

3 hours of intense work. You and Me. On Your Mindset. Your Limiting Beliefs. Your Value. Your Worth.

Are you ready?? I sure am!

Master Your Money Mindset for the love of all involved!

Love Lara x


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