I have much to say about Happiness.

As a certified life coach with tertiary education in psychology, I’m enthusiastically dedicated to delivering engaging, inspiring, informative and transformative live talks and workshops. I most commonly speak on happiness, mindfulness, figuring out what this ‘life’ thing is all about, and how you can use the power of positive psychology and spirituality to transform your thinking…and your entire life.

Give me a room full of young girls, adolescents, and women, and I’ll provide them with accessible, practical techniques that they can use to create success in their lives…whatever that may mean for them.


My speaking style

I am upbeat, accepting, encouraging and helpful. I aim to nurture and expand minds  and souls. I don’t do boring, and I always keep my events age appropriate. I do not coerce, overstate or oversell – I leave it up to the audience to make up their minds, and am 100% respectful of religious, political and personal beliefs.


My goal for your audience is for them to leave feeling motivated, inspired and confident. When I speak to a room, I want them to leave feeling empowered to create a life that they love to live. Whether that’s by using the power of positive psychology, using mindfulness meditation to calm their monkey mind, or by using my personal experience with self-sabotage to reflect upon their relationships with themselves.


What I’m good for

My high school events and workshops are usually designed for teenaged girls. I focus on speaking about making personal choices guided by intuition, boosting self-esteem, dealing with bullies, and planning for the future. When I speak to teenaged girls, I stay on their level and use practical examples that resonate with them. I adore helping teens explore what’s important to them, and can listen with an open mind and heart.

I aim to talk with an audience as a trusted confidante – not at them – and in a language that they understand. Young girls can feel confident talking with me about anything, from body image, to the future after high school, to drugs and peer pressure.

My core messages include identity, self-sabotage and competitiveness, honouring your individuality, acceptance, self-love, self-care and body confidence.

Women's Programs

Today’s women struggle with more problems than their mother’s certainly did. We’re expected to “have it all”, but we’re using someone else’s definition of perfection: the Channing Tatum doppelganger who kisses us goodnight, the hot job with numerous perks, the gorgeous group of girlfriends, the cute inner-city pad, the innately curated Instagram feed of Spain’s finest bodega’s, and a yoga-bod the envy of every girl on the mat next to us. Do all of these things make us happy? Whoever set the curriculum for a blissful existence?

When I speak to 20-something women, I lead thought-provoking discussions on defining your own version of happiness, finding and giving love, building and maintaining friendship, creating and kicking goals, plotting and planning careers, nourishing and listening to your body – everything related to women today. I’m an expert on how overwhelming life’s demands can be, so I encourage women to quit with the benchmarking and brain-bashing, so that they can live life according to what success means to them personally.

Whether you’re holding a seminar, a festival, and open day or need a change from your usual booze-fest hen’s night, I can bring an uplifting and thought-provoking program to your event.

Contact me below with a bite size amount of information about your event.